Thank you for reading my FAQ section. I hope that you will find answers to some of the re-occurring  questions. This page is work-in-progress and will continue evolving to capture new FAQs.
My preferred mode of communication is asynchronous -- specifically email. You are likely to receive a quick and detailed response by email than trying to reach me by a phone call.
Please don't hesitate to drop me an email if you have any suggestions and feedback about any of the courses that I am teaching/have taught. I am always open to suggestions and eager to learn from my students and peers.
I am very interested in working with students (undergraduate/postgraduate) and advising them on their research/projects or innovations. If you would like me to be your advisor, don't hesitate to contact me. However, before you approach or contact me to be your supervisor, first take a look at my research interests, research projects, and past/current student projects/theses under my supervision. On the first visit it's best that you have some research/project areas that you would like to work on than approaching me with a "Will you be my supervisor?" question and nothing else.
I have no problem writing a reference letter for you. However, if I have not previously taught you and interacted with you, then there might be a little for me to say about you in the letter.
In most cases I remember most of my previous and current students, but with class sizes of about 300+ students, it is quite difficult to remember everything about each student. To enable me write a reference letter please provide me: a copy of your transcript, courses I have taught you and/or projects we have worked on together, and a list of highlights that you would like me to mention in the letter.
Possibly...., I have previously worked on a number of consultancies, if you are interested, then please contact me.
I am always interested in collaborations with fellow academics or industry. If you are interested in a collaboration, please don't hesitate to contact me.